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The task was to establish a holistic approach regarding the consumer experience across the various department. I developed a KPI framework to measure customer experience and guidelines for any project to follow a customer experience approach. Furthermore, I evaluated interactive customer journey tools to be used by different departments.
Experience Strategy

Car Manufacturer in Germany

Experience Strategy

We started the project analyzing the customer experience. My role as lead strategist was to run the kickoff workshop, design and run a stakeholder mapping workshop, define and ran stakeholder interviews and shadow external sales and installation partners. The first phase ended with an opportunity mapping and ideation workshop, which we designed and I ran as lead facilitator. In the second phase, I lead the service design for the “Zwei-Stufen Vertriebsprozess” towards a fine concept. In the process, we had to develop a thorough business case, define new roles and responsibilities, reshape internal and external processes, design new sales checklists, contracts and call center guidelines, validate everything with the legal department, prepare external training, reshape consumer communication and define requirements for the supporting IT infrastructure.
Service Design

Solar Energy in Germany

Service Design

In the discovery phase, I supported the team with Customer Interviews in Switzerland, a competitor analysis and a heuristic evaluation of the website to support the UX and design team with the website relaunch.

As strategy director in region overseas, I am responsible to guide our 27 markets. This includes:

  • Developing a consistent sprint approach towards Customer-led Marketing and video training for all markets

  • Establishing a central knowledge platform for the ongoing communication exchange with markets

  • Hosting a recurring best practice sharing event across 6 time zones with over 90 participants

  • Establishing a Marketing KPI Dashboard for the region with the data team

  • Supporting with the integration of the media agency especially for the sprint approach and Customer-led Marketing process, as well as the Marketing KPI Framework

  • Agency presentation to C-Level clients (i.e.: Daimler CMO and Global Sales)

Furthermore, I support the global team to establish new ways of working:

  • Setting up project scoping templates

  • Establishing a central knowledge platform and guidance for efficient file sharing

  • Driving towards more efficient internal communication, collaboration and ways of working

User Research
Marketing Strategy

Publicis Emil for Daimler

Digital & Marketing Strategy

Financial Services in Switzerland

User Research

Business Development
Design Thinking

B2B in outdoor fashion in Germany

Design Thinking

We defined the experience strategy shifting the brand towards a customer brand. This included developing a customer journey, personas, mapping opportunities and creating ideas as well as an experience ecosystem. This all came together in our experience strategy. My task was to develop the journey, personas and create a 2-day workshop for the global marketing team from all different departments. In conjunction with the customer journey, I developed the experience ecosystem to map out all relevant channels for the relationship with the customer.

FMCG in Germany

Business Development

My task was to think about the global brand website as individual packages according to country needs. Each with individual benefits, yet combined, creating great synergies for the countries. I defined approx. 7-10 website packages, ranging from a basic mobile first website to loyalty programs and packages for consumer interaction, promotions, and user insights. Together with the IT colleagues, I defined the features of each package. I developed a TOM (Target Operational Model) for the overall website package.
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